Lenten Retreat – Evening Sessions

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This event finished on 03 April 2014

Picture3~ Formation of Disciples ~

This seminar is an opportunity to come into a deep, personal relationship with Jesus, to experience His love and healing in your life and to make a deeper commitment to follow Him. It will also give you a greater enthusiasm to share this Good News with others in your family and community. If you are looking for a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in your life then this seminar is for you. Come sit at the Master’s feet.

When: 8th & 9th  March   9.00am to 5.30p.m

Evening sessions: 13th , 20th, 27th  March & 3rd April 6.30 p.m to 9.30p.m

Where : Cr of Graves Road & Newton Rd Newton


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The renewal of the Church and the re-evangelisation of Australia can only come about if each individual Catholic experiences a personal encounter with Jesus.

As the Catechism of the Catholic Church says: “The transmission of the Christian faith consists primarily in proclaiming Jesus Christ in order to lead others to faith in him. From the beginning, the first disciples burned with the desire to proclaim Christ: <We cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard>. (Acts 4:20) And they invite people of every era to enter into the joy of their communion with Christ.”   CCC425

Only disciples with a radical, passionate, committed relationship with Jesus will have the desire and the power to share the Gospel.