Chaplet of renunciation of evil and filling with the Holy Spirit

(to be prayed on the rosary)

Prayer Text

Beginning Prayer: I believe in God … Our Father … Hail Mary … Prayed on the Large Beads: Holy Spirit, inspire me; Love of God, Consume me; On the true path, lead me; Mary my mother, look upon me; With Jesus, bless me; From all evil, from all illusion, from all danger, preserve me. Amen Prayed Ten times (small beads): Lord Jesus, I renounce Satan, all his affairs and feelings, and I only want You and Your Spirit. Finally, three times: Source of peace and light, come to enlighten me, come to feed me, come to enrich me, come to instruct me. Holy Spirit, I entrust myself to You! Concluding Prayer: Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit …


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