Chastity Cord of St Joseph

Prayer Text

The White Cord of Saint Joseph can be worn around the waist for purity or around the shoulders for obedience. It has seven knots indicating the Seven Joys and Sorrows of St. Joseph. Any priest can bless the girdle, after which when worn for the first time, enrolls one in the Archconfraternity of the Cord of Saint Joseph; the formula “Priest’s Blessing of a Cincture” found in the Roman Ritual can be used for this.

The Archconfraternity of the cord of St Joseph: the miraculous cure of an Augustinian nun in 1657 gave rise to the pious practice of wearing it to obtain the grace of purity through his intercession. Pius IX approved a special formula for blessing of the cord of St. Joseph (see 1964 Roman Ritual).


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