Daily Prayer for Purity Of Heart

“Only a pure heart can fully accomplish the great work of love which is marriage.” – Pope John Paul II

The Movement of Pure Hearts We all only want true love, regardless of the state to which the Lord calls us, therefore we entrust ourselves to Him who created us – the One Expert – Jesus Christ, asking that He teaches us how to love and that He heals our wounded hearts. Only Jesus tells the whole truth about sex and love. He called us into existence, so that we would mature to love here on earth, because the fullness of happiness is to love and be loved with an indestructible love. In God’s plans, only in marriage can sex express the selfless and mutual gift of all the spiritual and bodily wealth of a husband and wife, in Jesus Christ forever. Maintaining premarital chastity and freedom from all addictions, and above all, cultivating a relationship with Jesus, through daily prayer and sacramental life (frequent Eucharist and regular confession), and undertaking concrete work on oneself – this is a proven way to true and pure love. For many of us, this dedication to Jesus has become the beginning of a way out of sexual disorder, as well as various addictions including nicotine, alcohol and drugs. Jesus waits in the sacrament of reconciliation to forgive all our sins and restore purity of heart to those who trust in His infinite mercy. There are no hopeless cases, because He heals the greatest wounds, lifts up the greatest falls, and resolves the most difficult situations. For Jesus, there is no hopeless situation! He can heal even the most wounded heart! The Movement of Pure Hearts is an ever more powerful spiritual revolution of Jesus’ love. In the face of ubiquitous pornography, propaganda of brutal selfishness and moral corruption, many young people rebel and do not want to be manipulated into slavery and sexual addiction. They want to love with pure love and therefore only allow themselves to be led through life by Jesus. Therefore, the patron saint of the Movement of Pure Hearts is Bl. Caroline Kozka. Kózka is often referred to as the “Polish Maria Goretti”. She gave her life out of love for Christ, defending her virginity and the virtue of chastity.

Prayer Text

Lord Jesus, I thank You for loving me with a love without limits, which protects me from evil, lifts me from the greatest falls and heals the most painful wounds. I give you my memory, mind, will, soul and body along with my sexuality. I promise not to engage in sexual intercourse before the sacrament of marriage. I choose not to read, buy or watch pornographic magazines, programs or movies. (Girls may add, “I choose to dress modestly and in no way provoke other lustful thoughts or desires”). I promise to meet you daily for prayer and reading of the Holy Scriptures, and frequent receiving of Holy Communion. and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. I decide to regularly receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, not to be discouraged and to recover immediately from every sin. Lord Jesus, teach me to work on myself systematically, especially the ability to control my sexual desires and emotions. I am asking you for courage in my daily fight against evil, never to take drugs and avoid anything that is addictive, especially alcohol and nicotine. Teach me to act in such a way that the most important thing in my life is love. Mary, my Mother, lead me along the paths of faith to the very source of love – to Jesus. With Saint John Paul II, I wish to entrust myself completely to You: Totus Tuus Mary! In your Immaculate Heart I put my whole self, everything I am, every step I take, every moment of my life. Blessed Caroline, obtain for me the gift of a pure heart. Amen!”.

Note: The Movement of Pure Hearts was initiated by Love One Another Magazine