Daily Prayer for the conversion of a person whom salvation is at risk with Mary – Helper of Mankind.


The Community “with Mary – helper of Mankind” originated as a response to the desires of the heart of Jesus and Mary, and is immersed in the Church’s mission, “to save”. A spiritual Community of people dedicated to Mary, who daily pray for the conversion of people. Each Member of the community is praying for the salvation of a person chosen by God. Don’t get discouraged when one day you forget about the prayer.

Prayer Text

Prayer for yourself: Father God, grant that I become a real disciple of your son Jesus Christ. That I have the same desire for what He has: to save mankind. Therefore, I am before You and beg You to give me the gift of prayer for the conversion of the person whom You have chosen Amen.

Prayer for the person chosen by God: Father God, I ask you, that the power of the cross of Jesus Christ, His suffering and the intercession of his mother’s Pain and intercession of all saints, yield a conversion for this person for whom I pray. Help this person Our Lady. Amen. Our Father … Hail Mary … Glory be…

Prayer for other members of the community and of increasing their numbers: Under thy protection we seek refuge, Holy Mother of God; despise not our petitions in our needs, but from all dangers deliver us always, Virgin Glorious and Blessed.


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