Daily Prayer Of Immersion In The Most Precious Blood Of Christ

Prayer Text

Lord Jesus, I immerse in Your Most Precious Blood this entire day, which is the gift of Your infinite love. I immerse, in Your Blood myself, all those whom I will meet today or think about. I immerse all my relatives and all who have asked for my prayers. I immerse in Your Most Precious Blood, Lord Jesus, all the situations that will arise today: conversations that I will lead, works that I will perform, and my rest. I invite You, Lord Jesus, into these situations, issues, discussions, works, and rest. Please allow Your Precious Blood to penetrate these people and works, bringing, according to Your will, release, cleansing, healing, and sanctification. Let the Glory of Your Blood shine and reveal Its power. I accept everything that you will send to me today for the glory of Your Most Precious Blood, for the good of the Holy Church, and atonement for my sins, offering it all to God The Father through the intercession of Mary. I give myself fully to Mary, entrusting Her with my past, future, and present without conditions and without reservations. Amen.

Prayer by Sr. Gertruda Bociag MC


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