Novena Prayer to Our Lady of the Milk


The Milk Grotto is considered sacred because the Holy Family took refuge there before their flight into Egypt to escape King Herod’s slaughter of the innocent firstborns. It is said that while Mary was nursing Jesus, a drop of milk fell to the ground, turning the cave white. Stories abound from the Grotto in the Holy Land, and the shrine in St. Augustine, about children born to parents who had struggled for years to conceive or had been told there was no hope. To this day the Franciscan community maintains a shrine there called the Milk Grotto. Its centerpiece is the Blessed Virgin nursing the infant Jesus. Many ask for the blessings of motherhood, beseeching the intercession of Our Lady that God will grant them a safe and happy delivery, and healthy, holy children. All who visit the Shrine find it to be a place of spiritual comfort and renewal. Husbands and wives are asked to pray together the third of the joyful mysteries of the rosary, meditating on the birth of the Lord Jesus. Whether your prayers for fertility involve you, or a family member or friend, prayer must always be a component of your quest.

Prayer Text

Lovely Lady of the Milk, most loving Mother of Jesus, and my mother, listen to my humble prayer. Your motherly heart knows my every wish, my every need. To you only, his spotless Virgin Mother, has your Divine Son given to understand the sentiments which fill my soul. Yours was the sacred privilege of being the Mother of the Savior. Intercede with him now, my loving mother, that in accordance with his will (your request here). This I ask, O Lady of the Milk, in the name of your Divine Son, my Lord and Savior. Amen.

O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you.

Our Lady of the Milk, pray for us.


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