Novena Starts: 3 October         Feast day: 12 October

Novena to Our Lady Of The Pillar

Repeat all the following Novena prayers every day for 9 consecutive days.

Prayer Text

Prayer 1

Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving.

Mary, Our Lady of the Pillar,
we give you praise
because you opened the door of the human race,
to allow the coming of your son,
our Lord and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

We give you thanks for through your response,
born of a humble heart,
you draw the spirit upon us.

We acknowledge you as the ever Virgin,
Mother of the True God,
who conceived without stain of original sin,
assumed into heaven, body and soul
and crowned as the Queen of the Universe.

With joy and gratitude we likewise acclaim you
as the Mother of the Church
and the Mother of us all.
Praised be your name forever.


Prayer 2

Holy Virgin of the Pillar: increase our faith,
strengthen our hope, revive our charity.
Help those who suffer misfortune,
those who suffer from loneliness, ignorance
or hunger or lack of work.
Strengthen the weak in faith.
Arouse in the young an availability
for a total surrender to God.


[Prayer of John-Paul II in 1982]

Prayer 3

Most Holy Virgin of Pillar,
to your care we confide the needs of our families,
the joys of children,
the dreams of youth,
the anxieties of adults,
the sufferings of the sick,
and our preparation for life’s end.

To you we entrust the perseverance
of our priests and religious.

Ever increase our faith,
give assurance to our Hope
and enliven our Charity.


[Pope John Paul II]

Prayer 4

Prayer of Reconciliation.

In the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.


O Heavenly Father,
Through the intercession of Mary,
Our Lady of the Pillar,
Remove from our minds all thoughts of injustices
and from our hearts all evil desires.
In your great compassion,
wipe out all our guilt.
We acknowledge our sins
which are always before us.
With sincere and contrite hearts,
we ask you to put a new spirit within us.
Help us to look on our neighbor,
with eyes of selfless love and respect.
May the prayers of Mary bring us,
to the salvation of Jesus
and raise us up to eternal life.
In union with the holy spirit.
One God, Forever and ever.


Prayer 5

Petitions to Our Lady of the Pillar.

Mary,Mother of the Church,
nourish the life of your son in all his followers,
especially the youth.


Our Lady of the Pillar,
be our joy and strength,
by day and by night.

Mary,Queen of the Apostles,
animate the baptized
as they fulfill their mission
of evangelization and catechesis.


Our Lady of the Pillar,
be our joy and strength,
by day and by night.

Mary, Help of Christians,
make us realize that the Eucharist
is a powerful force of renewal
for the church and the society.


Our Lady of the Pillar,
be our joy and strength,
by day and by night.

Mary, Most Holy Virgin,
watch over married couples,
those preparing for marriage
and those called to serve in single life.
May they be pure and chaste.
Help them overcome the mortal threats
against life and love.


Our Lady of the Pillar,
be our joy and strength,
by day and by night.

Mary, Refuge of sinners.
Give us the courage to admit our selfishness.
Lead us to be reconciled with God
and with one another.


Our Lady of the Pillar,
be our joy and strength,
by day and by night.

Mary, Queen of Peace,
Bring the people of all nations into one family.
Keep them united in brotherly love.


Our Lady of the Pillar,
be our joy and strength,
by day and by night.

Prayer 6

Prayer to Our Lady of the Pillar.

O Mary, Our Lady of the Pillar,
be our joy and strength, by day and by night.
As you encourage the early church,
so now assist us in our every need.
Keep us always united to your son Jesus,
attentive to the will of God,
and open to the Holy Spirit.


Prayer 7

Act of Consecration to Our Lady of the Pillar.

O Mary, Our Lady of the Pillar,
We consecrate to you, our country and its entire people,
especially our families and our youth.
We offer to you all that we have and all that we are,
as we strive to accomplish what your Son has told us to do.
We entrust to your motherly care, our dreams, our goals,
our efforts to find the meaning
and fulfillment of life in Christ, your Son.


Prayer 8
Prayer for the Sick.

O Jesus, Son of Mary,
we lift up to You all the sick people.
You are the Risen Lord who saves the world.
You continue to pray for us before the Father.
As You strengthened Your mother at the foot of the Cross,
so also give joy and strength to those who are suffering.
Give life to those who walk in darkness,
patience and courage to those in pain,
hope and strength for the weak,
comfort and peace to those in distress.
Listen O Lord to the prayers
which our mothers offer for us sinners.
Send Your spirit to heal us
and restore us all to the fullness of life.


Prayer 9

Prayer to Our Lady of the Pillar of Zaragoza.

Heavenly Queen, Mother of all,
we call upon you in this moment of deep gravity.
Intercede for us in all our earthly needs.

Jesus, Our Lord and Savior, Redeemer,
who died for us on the Cross,
may we all respond to Your call
for sanctification and goodness.
We, your children, need Your care
and protection in this last hour.

Oh Mother, Most Pure, Most Loving,
Mother of Love Eternal, watch over us,
we call upon you now,
in a Time of Darkness and Evil.
Our Hearts are open to your Heavenly Care,
of which we need so desperately.

Our Lady of the Pillar of Zaragoza,
pray for us.


Prayer 10

Final Prayer.

Holiest Virgin of the Pillar,
Mother of God, with my whole heart and with my whole soul
I consecrate to you my body with all its powers,
and worship you above all the angels and saints in heaven
as the Daughter of Our Eternal Father who is in Heaven.

Holiest Virgin of the Pillar,
Mother of Our Lord Jesus,
I adore you and glorify you above all the angels and saints
in paradise as the Mother of your only begotten Son,
Our Savior, who redeemed mankind from sin,
and consecrate to you my body with all its senses.

Holiest Virgin of the Pillar, refuge of sinners,
and worthy of all the veneration and tenderness
of angels and of men, with my whole soul
I venerate you above all the angels and saints in Heaven
as the beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit,
and consecrate my heart to you all its affections,
praying to you, my dearest Mother to obtain for me
from the Most Holy Trinity all the heavenly graces
I need for the salvation of my soul.

Most Holy Virgin of the Pillar,
Immaculate Mother of God,
to your blessed trust and special protection
and into your bosom, I commend my soul and my body
every day of my life on earth
and in the final hour of my death.

To you my ever Virgin Lady of the Pillar,
I entrust to your care all my problems,
worries and miseries, my life, and end of my life,
so that by your kind intercession
and by your own merits,
all my actions may be directed
and disposed according to your will
and that of your Divine Son Jesus.

O Virgin of the Pillar,
I give myself entirely to you, body and soul,
to show my eternal devotion to you, dearest Mother,
I consecrate to you this day my eyes, my ears, my mouth,
my heart and my whole being without reserve.
Wherefore my good and dearest Mother,
as I am yours, keep me and guard me as your property.

Most Holy Mary, Virgin of the Pillar,
unworthy though I am, yet moved by your tender care
and motherly affection for me
and longing to be of service to you,
I choose this day in the presence of my guardian angel
and of all the saints in Heaven for you
to be my Queen, my Advocate, and my dearest Mother.
I firmly resolve to be of service to you now and always,
and to do what I can to glorify your holy name and honor.

Wonderful Virgin of the Pillar,
you are all mine through your holy and loving mercy.
If you see in me anything which does not belong to you,
I humbly implore you my dearest Mother,
to take it and make yourself the ruler of my heart
and of all that is mine to give.
Destroy in me all that in most displeasing to you
and to your Son, God and the Father Almighty Who is in Heaven.

Immaculate Mary, Our Lady of the Pillar,
Queen of heaven, Mother of mercy,
obtain for me Divine graces.
I firmly resolve this day and always
to entrust my heart and soul into your hands
to be consecrated to Our Lord and Savior.

Most Blessed Lady of the Pillar,
I now give my heart to you
in the presence of the angels and saints in paradise,
and consecrate it to your only begotten Son Jesus.
Because of the childlike confidence I have for you,
my dearest Mother, I am certain that you will do all you can
to make my heart belong entirely to Jesus now and forever
so that I may imitate His examples
and that of the saints in Heaven.

Therefore, my most devoted and loving Mother,
Virgin of the Pillar, aid me in my every thought,
word and action and beg foe me from you Son Jesus,
the graces never to be displeasing in His sight.
Dearest Mother, think of me and do not abandon me
in life and in the hour of me death.


In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.


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