Because we’re asked to return a portion of all that we receive from the Lord.

Time, Talent and Treasure are gifts given to each of us for which we are ultimately accountable. We give of our time in prayer with God, our talent by participating in ministries, service and charities, and our treasure by sharing our finances. This is our fundamental and personal stewardship. Over and above this we give alms to the poor, a powerful witness to the Christian faith.

Sunday Collections – Parish Planned Giving

Parish Planned Giving makes up over 80% of our parish annual income, and is crucial for the Parish’s thriving day to day. The money you contribute to our parish each week makes ministry happen. It helps provide salaries and benefits. It helps pay for buildings, equipment, maintenance and materials. It helps fund special projects, programs and services which benefit all members of our parish family. Your gifts, given in thanksgiving for the many gifts God has given you, will make a difference in the lives of many people.

While many use paper envelopes to support the parish on a weekly basis through the parish Thanksgiving Offertory or Planned Giving Programme, some have opted to switch to regular automated Credit Card or Direct Debit contributions. This helps the parish in planning and ensures regular contributions so we do not fall short during holiday periods, and when parishioners are travelling.

Please take time to look at our parish Stewardship brochure, and prayerfully consider what you wish to give. Enrol in the Parish Planned Giving Offertory Programme now by contacting the Parish and request to have the brochure and forms posted to you, or download and complete a Commitment Card. Set up regular automated Credit Card contributions: click here to download, complete and submit the Credit Card Contributions Authority form. Set up regular automated Direct Debit contributions: click here to download, complete and submit the Direct Debit Contributions Authority form.

Who could / should make a pledge?

 Are you new to our Parish community? Have you just started attending mass again recently or more regularly? Do you visit our parish regularly? Do you just contribute your loose coins on the plate when you are at Mass? Would you like to consider a more regular contribution? Have you finished school or university and recently begun working, and now feel able to contribute even if only in a small way? Do you have children at our Parish School, St Francis of Assisi Primary School, and wish to help support the Parish better? Are you a current envelope contributor? We especially appreciate your continued support and ask if you can consider increasing your pledge

Why me?

Because you are the Parish; We are all responsible for supporting our local church, its leaders and its ministry; Give willingly from your heart & experience the joy of generosity, faith and commitment; The Parish needs your support to carry on the mission of Jesus.

Donations to St Francis of Assisi Church, Newton Catholic Parish

Donations to our Church and Parish are always gratefully accepted and help us to maintain our ministries and services and the outreach that we offer, including the upkeep of our Church and facilities.

If you would prefer to give a credit card donation, there is an option available through the Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide website to donate directly to the Newton Parish. Here are the steps to take:  (1) Click on the “make donation button” and it will take you to the Archdiocesan website page. (2) Click on the “Donate Now” button under “Donate to your Parish”, and choose Newton Parish from the drop-down list and submit. (3) You will then be asked for your contact details and card information. This is a secure website for payments. (4) The Parish will be notified of your donation and a receipt will be forwarded when payment is received and reconciled.

Memorial Donations or Gifts to St Francis of Assisi Church, Newton Catholic Parish

You may wish to give thanks for the life of a loved one by giving memorial donations or gifts to the church. This can be a meaningful way to recognise or remember a friend or relative in a more permanent way than flowers or other perishable gifts. Such a gift, honours the living or the memory of the departed while investing in the eternal work of the church.

Consider A Monetary Donation

Monetary donations can be a wonderful way to memorialise or honour that special person. Consider making a donation in place of flowers. St Francis of Assisi Catholic Parish, Newton will acknowledge these gifts in our bulletin or other suitable publications of the church.

Gifts Of Tangible Property

Tangible property such as land, property, vehicles, paintings or other types of art could be a wonderful contribution in honour or in memory of your loved one. Any type of valuable goods can be considered for a gift. 

Sponsor A Church Project

Perhaps the finest way to honour the memory of your loved one would be by sponsoring a church project or ministry that was dear to their heart. Consider making a donation to specific missions, evangelistic outreach, worship ministries, or another aspect of the work at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Parish, Newton.

If you wish to make a Memorial Donation or Memorial Gift to the St Francis of Assisi Parish, Newton, please download the Memorial Donations brochure and Memorial Donation Form, and follow the simple steps to submit to the Parish Office.

Leaving a bequest to St Francis of Assisi Church, Newton Catholic Parish

For many people, thinking about their Will can make them feel uncomfortable, but a Will is an opportunity to leave a legacy and make a difference. Your Will enables you to provide for your family, friends, loved ones, and for any cause that you support. Your Will can ensure the future financial wellbeing of your family and other people you wish to benefit. Our Parish has many different missions within the community which include assisting the frail, elderly, sick or who are just in need of help. Our Parish supports schools, our seniors, our families, the marginalised and the poor. There are many people who are assisted by our Parish who would not otherwise receive any help.


What is a Bequest?

A bequest is a gift of assets (money and/or other property or valuables) that is made through your Will, Living Trust or other testamentary arrangement. Monetary bequests are usually given by you specifying an amount or a percentage of your estate. No funds are transmitted or irrevocably transferred to your designated charity until after your death. Our Parish has many different missions within the community which include assisting the frail, elderly, sick or who are just in need of help. Our Parish supports schools, our seniors, our families, the marginalised and the poor. There are many people who are assisted by our Parish who would not otherwise receive any help. You can help the Parish with a bequest in your Will. A bequest to your Parish can create lasting change in people’s lives. Remembering your Parish in your Will assists the Church to continue to make positive changes to people’s lives every day. You can help make a difference.


More than 50% of Australian have no valid estate plan at their death. Please consider creating at least a simple will to ensure your wishes are carried out after your death. If you have not created an estate plan at the time of your death, the state of South Australia has a plan which will distribute your assets. This probably is not the way you would wish your hard-earned assets to be distributed, so contact an Estate Planner or a Lawyer who specialises in estate planning and ensure your wishes are fulfilled. And please remember St. Francis of Assisi Parish in your will. This sends a strong message that the Church played an important role in your life, while guaranteeing that the Church will continue to be helped long after you’re gone. This generous act provides important assistance to the Church and may even prove to be a tax benefit to your heirs. Talk to your lawyer about how best to remember the parish in your will.

(1) Specific Bequest: designate cash or assets to St Francis of Assisi Parish, Newton. (20 Residual Bequest: plan for St Francis of Assisi Parish, Newton to receive all or a portion of your estate after other specific bequests have been distributed. (3) Percentage Bequest: designate a certain percentage of the estate to go to Plan for St Francis of Assisi Parish, Newton. (4) Contingent Bequest: make St Francis of Assisi Parish, Newton the recipient of a bequest if others named in your will are not living at the time of your death.

Should you wish to learn more, you should seek legal and financial advice, or give our Parish Office a call for a confidential, no-obligation discussion. Phone: 08 8337 3849

Giving Back

Giving is great for the soul. It “returns a bigger benefit to the giver than the receiver. It expands our hearts … our capacity to love and be loved.” Giving also “transforms the giver their family, their business, and their community.” We must also consider how “the receiver is blessed as well, receiving gifts of donors’ money and time , more importantly, their heart and spirit and support of the organisation and the mission.” – Dan Prosser, The Donor Motivation Group

Memorial Donation or Gift to St Francis of Assisi Brochure

Newton Credit Card Request

My Commitment to my Parish Form

SFOA Parish Stewardship Brochure

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