The Kingdom of the Divine Will


I come from Heaven inviting you to enter into the Kingdom of your Mother, that is, into the Kingdom of the Divine Will. I am knocking at the door of your heart because I want you to open it to me. Do you realize that it is with my own hands that I am bringing you this book as a gift? I am offering it to you with a mother’s care so that you, in your turn, upon reading it, will learn to live the way of Heaven and no longer that of earth. This Book is of gold, my child. It will become your spiritual fortune and your happiness even here while you are on earth. In it you will find the fountain of all goods. If you are weak you will acquire strength; if you are tempted you will conquer the temptations that come to you; if you have fallen into sin, you will feel a powerful and compassionate hand to lift you up; if you are afflicted, you will find comfort; and if you are cold, you will be given the sure means to warm yourself; if you become hungry, you will taste the exquisite food of the Divine Will; and with It nothing will ever be lacking to you. You will never be alone because your mother will be your sweet companion; and, with every maternal care, I will fulfill my pledge of making you happy. I, who am the Celestial Empress, will take care of your every need, if only you will consent to live united in Me.

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  1. Elizabeth Skinner

    Please let me know if there is a Divine Will meeting thankyou


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