Striving for perfection in the footsteps of St Francis

Learn more about the Secular Franciscan order in “The Southern Cross” current issue.

There are many famous Secular Franciscans in the world: King Louis IX, Thomas More, Saint John Vianney, St. Elizabeth of Hungary …. Recent article in the Southern Cross Magazine outlines the history of the order in its 800th anniversary year. We hear from Warren Featherstone OFS , Giovanna Mercuri OFS and Caterina Pileggi .

“… Secular Franciscan Order stresses fraternity life, a quest for personal holiness as a way of striving for social justice and peace amongst people…”

For enquiries about the Secular Franciscan Order please contact the Regional promotions officer Diana on 0402 900 385 in the first instance or Newton promotions officer Warren on 0416 007 996.

St Francis Of Assisi Catholic Community